Tailored diabetes self-management education

Study title: Developing and evaluating a diabetes self-management education intervention for people with severe mental illness

Development phase: February 2016 to January 2017

This 5 year programme of work aims to develop and test a bespoke educational package to help people with severe mental illness (SMI) and diabetes to manage their diabetes better.

Self-management, the process by which people learn to manage a chronic illness, is the cornerstone of good diabetes care. NICE recommend that all patients who are diagnosed with diabetes are offered structured self-management education. Unfortunately, people with SMI can miss out on programmes developed for the general population and a tailored approach is needed that targets the specific barriers that people with SMI face.

We have been awarded a programme development grant to start this work in 2016. This will involve selecting elements of generic diabetes programmes that could be adapted for people with SMI, and developing a set of outcome measures that can be used to assess how well the intervention we design works.